I haven't received my tickets.

If you haven’t received your tickets in your email you can get them on this link (only if you bought them on our official website bcmmallorca.com): https://www.fourvenues.com/es/retrieve

If it doesn’t work send us an email to tickets@grupocursach.com

I can't buy my ticket, I don't have a DNI or NIE

The only tickets that require a DNI or NIE (Spanish ID) are the ones labeled as “Entrada residente”.
This ticket is limited to people who live in Mallorca and requires a Spanish ID registered in Mallorca.
If you are not a resident of Mallorca, you should buy the “General admission ticket”.

Can I change the date of my tickets?

All our tickets are for a specific date and can only be used on the day of the event listed on the ticket.

I can´t go and I want a refund.

Tickets are not refundable.

I bought "Resident" tickets by mistake.

If you have purchased the “Resident ticket” by mistake, you must purchase the “General Ticket” and send us the ticket you wish to request a refund for. Once we confirm that you have purchased the correct ticket, we will proceed to refund the one you purchased in error.
Send your request and the ticket here: ticket@grupocursach.com

I haven't bought my ticket on bcmmallorca.com and I need help.

If you have purchased your tickets on “entradium.com” and you have any issues with your tickets, you must contact them through this email hola@entradium.com.


or send an email to: tickets@grupocursach.com

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